I love YELP!

Look at this amazing posting about yours truly on YELP. I don't know who wrote it, but THANK YOU...

5 star rating
Having looked at several portfolios at wedding fairs or in consultations, I couldn't forget or compare anyone else's work to Michelle Walker. Her work is like photojournalism, most shots "in action", telling a story and capturing the moments. Her posed shots are interesting, not centered, and makes everyone's personality come alive. She does black and white and colored photos, which many people will do. But you'll tend to find that many will do one or the other better. Michelle does both well - her black & white looks dramatic and her colors are really vibrant. Another factor that really set her apart from others were her albums. She does not merely slap pictures together; she thinks thoroughly on putting an album together, pictures taking you through the event as if you were there. Her albums are of the highest quality and she can even put your prints on the entire "page" like a book. I got many compliments for our album!Michelle is popular and her schedule is booked like crazy. She does a lot of destination weddings so she needs several days for a wedding event. Michelle is very personable and easy to get along with. She can be unobtrusive, so you won't feel the camera in your face all day. Caveat? Her prices are not cheap and comparably higher than your average photographer in the Bay Area. You don't want average when it's an event that will last for the rest of your life!