I love YELP!

I use YELP all the time - for reviews of restaurants, movies to see, places to go. It's amazing when one of my fabulous clients takes the time to write about what I do. Take a look at this review (I'm not positive who wrote it, but THANK YOU!):

5 star rating
If there is one thing that brings out my green little envy monster, it is talented people. But, Michelle is the kind of person that makes you want to be her friend. Not only is she so nice and comfortable and fun and genuinely amazingly dynamic, she is so talented it just blows me away.Looking through her portfolios makes me want to be there, makes me feel the emotions of the day. I was sucked into her work & how she makes wedding photos something interesting to look at. I can't tell you how many boring wedding portfolios that I've had to look through before I found her.****We did our engagement photo session with Michelle in SF, I told her I wanted something urban and elegant, something with lots of contrast. She had us meet her at Boulevard down on the Embarcadero & we shot in all these fun corners. She knew some great areas. We would walk & shoot & walk & shoot some more. It was so fun. We chatted and joked and laughed and had such a great time. At the end of the day, I honestly felt that there was NO WAY that we had any good shots, we had way too much fun. But we got our pictures back faster than she had promised & they were AMAZING!!! I couldn't believe that every shot was really good. We keep going back and looking through all the pictures & can't narrow it down. We had only planned on getting a few, but Michelle came up with the idea of putting together an engagement album that could double as our guest book for our wedding. Then when we go back and look at our pictures, we have our guest book to reminisce about too.I can't wait for our wedding - I fully trust Michelle to capture every emotion & all those little moments that I miss. I'll update next year after the wedding....