An incredible review!

Right now I am almost in tears.  I just received the NICEST review from one of my favorite grooms, Steve Devine.  He and Heidi were married this September at the beautiful Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco.  I adore them both.

"Not just an incredibly nice person, but Michelle's talent as far as I am concerned is an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Completely thorough, excellent at candids as well as posed shots, and just has an amazing eye that "pick's up" angles, shadows and ideas that only a True Professional could possibly see. Just for the record, we aren't related in any way to Michelle, nor did we even know her before we chose her for our wedding. In the future, if anything in our lives were to come up that required a photographer, there wouldn't be a second choice for us. It would be Michelle. I just can't say enough good things, and honestly I hope she gets to read this because when we said thank you to her and expressed our gratitude, I don't think she knows how deep our appreciation for her actually goes. -Steve Devine " 

Thank you Steve.  You just made my week and made me realize (again) just how much I love my job.  Thank you.