"First Look Photos" Featured on Borrowed & Blue!

Debating whether or not to see each other before your ceremony?  Take a look at my advice featured today on Borrowed and Blue.

First Look Photos

How about those first look photos? Many brides and grooms go back & forth between whether they want to see each other before the ceremony, and for good reason. It's not an easy choice and you should make a decision based on what makes you feel comfortable. Michelle from Michelle Walker Photography gives some advice for brides struggling with the decision. She says,
"When I got married, we struggled with the notion of seeing each other before the wedding or not. We finally decided that spending our cocktail hour with our friends & families (many who came from out of state) would be super-fun. We set up a special first sight (just like Lindsay & Jonathan in this photo did) and it was perfect. I got to spend a few minutes alone with my hubby-to-be (and hug and kiss him too!) - it was my favorite part of the day. We then created relaxed & beautiful portraits without feeling rushed to get to our cocktail hour. It was perfect. I now suggest this to all my couples!"