Indian Wedding at Ramekins | Sonoma

Anita and David are one of the coolest couples I've ever met... both are smart, gorgeous, and super fun. Just take a look at their cross-cultural Indian/Western wedding that we celebrated on the 4th of July. The morning started with a traditional South Indian Hindu ceremony filled with many fascinating traditions... There's not space to list them all, but my favorites were the Vratham (tying the Kappu - the holy thread tied on the wrist of the bride - to ward off evil spirits), the Kanya Dhaanam (where the bride is made to sit on her father's lap and is given away as a gift by him to the groom), and the Saptha Padhi (the bride & groom hold hands and walks seven steps together - only then are they married).

After a delicious Indian lunch prepared by New Delhi Restaurant, Anita changed into another beautiful Sari and the Rev. Peader Dalton presided over a western ceremony tying both into one seamless wedding. It was lovely.

Then there was dancing (including a Bollywood routine by the newlyweds!), a delicious meal by Ramekins, pie, and fireworks! (It was the 4th of July afterall.)

{planner} A Savvy Event
{venue} Ramekins
{florals} Nancy Liu Chin Design
{officiant} Your Ceremony Matters
{rentals} Classic Party Rentals
{hair/makeup} It's a Date at the Powder Room
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